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What is behavior Change and weight loss coaching all about?

My mission is to help individuals just like you achieve positive, long-term, measurable change in behavior while learning to diet and exercise for REAL LIFE with practical strategies and actions steps!


All sessions can and will look a little different as everyones goals, needs and focus can vary. I aim to meet you right where you're at and start building your road to success from the inside out, and creating a plan you can go out and start to accomplish immediatly.

Some sessions may include:

-Calorie and macronutrient customizations and tools to help you understand targets for weight loss. 

-Creating action steps and plans that you can implement into your daily routine here and now.

-Teachings of hw to overcome those late night binge eating episodes and building a better relationship with food and exercise.


All sessions during this time are done virtually from the comfort of your own home or space via facetime and/or zoom. 


  • 20-minute session: $25.00 each

  • 30-minute session: $35.00 each

  • 45-minute session: $50.00 each

  • 60-minute session: $65.00 each


  • 4-pack, 20-minute sessions: $95.00

  • 8-pack, 20-minute sessions: $160.00

  • 4-pack, 30-minute sessions: $140.00

  • 8-pack, 30-minute sessions: $250.00

  • 4-pack, 45-minute sessions: $190.00

  • 4-pack, 60-minute sessions: $250.00

“I looked into a behavior change and weight loss coaching session because I was tired of letting my circumstances control my life. While I had expectations when I started, the program gave me so much more. Each session I left with actionable tasks I could immediately start implementing to propel myself toward success. And while I’m a work in progress, I can honestly say I no longer live paralyzed by guilt and fear. Though my circumstances haven’t changed, I’m actively living my best life and losing weight while doing it.!”


-2020 Client

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