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Fitness With Lindsay offers several e-books to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. Scroll to the bottom of the page for some FREE dieting content and documents!  

Here's what it includes:

-20 Full body, no equipment needed workouts you can do ANYWHERE

-Incorporates many styles & varities of exercise
-Visual guides to ensure you keep proper form with detailed descriptions and instructions for rep ranges, warm up, cool downs & more!

Do Anywhere Boot Camp Style Workout Guide


I'm pumped for you to try out the variety of workouts included in this guide! Try out the Core & Metabolic Booster Workout, The Tabata style & The 20 Minute Quickie!

Strength Training Guide


I'm so happy you will have access to this incredibly easy formatted strength training guide to help take the confusion out of your workouts and propel you to your strongest and best self!

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Here's what it includes:

-4 Days of full body resistance training workouts where you can incorporate dumbells, interval training, exercise options to modify easily all with detail rep/set ranges and guidelines

-Includes ab workouts and finishers each day

-Customizable options to best suit your time needs, and energy levels for the day

-40 visual guides for all exercises showing full range of motion and proper form

-BONUS includes How to manifest & keep motivation high & printable workout log for tracking

Cute Notebooks
21 Days to Loving Yourself Healthy Journaling Workbook


I absolutely adore this workbook and have personally seen the propelling positive impact that simply setting aside 5 minutes each day can do for the body, mind and soul while working towards those big goals! This is a must if your'e a deep thinker like me!

This is a 21 Day self work journaling booklet that encourages you to intentionally set the tone for your day so you can attack your big weight loss goals from the inside out!

Each day you'll set aside 5 minutes to work "alongside me" and journal your thoughts, emotions, and quiet the negative chatter that usually keeps us feeling low and discouraged through this journey.


Takeaway Meals

Food prep and planning can get overwhelming! But it does not have to be! This guide was created to help aid you in simplifying the process and breaksdown just how the pro's do it! It includes, tips, strategies, cooking timelines, a weekly planner and shopping organizer! But the big bonus is the 3 super fun and yummy recipes inside that include nutritional breakdown and easy Myfitnesspal scanner for tracking! 

Meal Prep Guide


This is the perfect motivator to get you going with your food prep regimens! This little gem includes Gluten free banana bread, sweat potato spread and chili con carne to help get your creative juices flowing!

Helpful Nutrition Facts & Other FREE content!

Bj's Brewhouse 
Information 2021

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Papa John's Nutritional Information 2021


Wing Stop Nutritional Information 2021

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Taco Bueno  Nutritional Information  


Cheddar's Nutritional Information 2021

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Zoe's Kitchen Nutritional Information 2021


Chicken Salad Chick Nutritional Information 2021

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Sonic  Nutritional Information   2021