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Join me and a group of bad ass women and me across the U.S.  as we learn to reach goals strategically, specifically  and intentionally and NO foods are off limits- Seriously!


This 4-week program has new start dates twice per month. Contact me to join the fun! 


You simply choose your goals and I just help set you up to get there. 💪🏼
It’s SUPER laid back and helpful no matter what stage you’re going through. 
We learn to eat in real life situations and not just off a piece of paper 🙌🏼, and how to incorporate exercise for your individual goals. Most of all, we instill lifelong changes. 


  • Teaching of how to set and reach weight loss goals for your REAL LIFE because 🍟🍕🍷🍦is part of it! 

  • Individualized calorie and macronutrient targets for your specific body and goals as well as the teaching and understanding of using these tools for weight loss. 

  • Access to the Inner Circle VIP Vault where you'll have hundreds of recipes, workouts, diet tips, educational information and more- and it's all updated weekly!

  • Accountability through mandatory weekly weigh-ins and other check-ins. (Actual weight is kept private between FWL and individual.)

  • Access to your very own personal trainer 🙋🏻 for help, guidance and keeping you motivated toward your goals.

  • Weekly education, scientific-based information and tips to help you through your journey. 

  • Habit stacking strategies and life coaching applications. 

  • Before and after photos (also kept private between FWL and individual). 

  • Group access for continual support, ideas, recipe sharing and so much more! You get to be apart of our awesome girl gang!

  • 4-week total online cost is just $42.99! (Purchase 3 or more rounds and get coaching for as little as just over $1 a day!)

Each 4-week group consists of like minded peeps, and is all done via a  private Facebook group that is solely run and monitored by FWL. We keep things easy, laid back, enjoyable and, most of all, we keep it REAL. The skills you gain here, you take with you for life. Absolutely no use or promotion of some ridiculous product here. We learn, we apply and we work for it. And yes, you can eat more than 6 almonds a day-- we live in moderation here! 

PS - You can receive 20% off any purchase of 3 or more Inner Circle months! 

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