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Here's what it includes:

-5 Day ready made meal plan to set you up for major weight loss averaging 1500 calories or less per day & Includes 3 meals + 2 snacks per day.

-Detailed calorie & macronutrient profiles for every super-crazy-easy, mimimal food prep time & ingredients used recipe 

-BONUS CONTENT Includes 5 resistance training circuits with visual aids, rep & set guidelines and more!

The Little Black Dress 5-Day Meal & Workout Plan


I am thrilled for you to try out this minimal effort meal plan that incorporates simple-easy to find everyday items from your local grocer and shows you how to eat from day to day on lean-protein packed foods without spending all day in the kitchen meal prepping or stressing about what to eat!

Chicken and Vegetable Salad

Here's what it includes:

-4 week NO counting calories-style

meal plan designed for both men & women


-Uses whole, organic-based,anti-Inflammatory foods to help boost metabolism, reduce inflammation, reduce sugar cravings, & aid in fat loss

-Comes with detailed daily menus, weekly grocery list, 67 easy-to-make recipes, dining out swap-out guides and success manual. 

-Measurements documents to help you keep track of your progress & more!

Wellness & Weight Loss Reboot Meal Plan



Fitness With Lindsay's Macros & Meal Plans service is for those wanting to kickstart their health and lifestyle goals and need a little help sorting out that whole "what to eat" thing beyond a pre-made meal plan shown above.


Macros & Meal Plans will be created and modified for each individual and will include specific calculations with all of the following: calories, carbs, fat and protein intake for your body's current state, combined with your desired goals and at your current performance level.


Getting started is as simple as filling out two forms so Fitness with Lindsay can use your preferred foods, likes and dislikes and level of effort you want to give in the kitchen to create your choice of meal plans for up to 3 days of meals. Grocery list and macro-nutrient breakdowns will be included, as well as some “flexible calories” to work in small treats throughout your day.


1 day meal plan: $29.99

2 day meal plan: $55.99

3 day meal plan: $69.99

Disclaimer: Fitness with Lindsay cannot create plans for individuals with medically associated dietary needs.

To get started, simply download the questionnaire and liability forms below. Fill out and return via email.

You will receive an invoice within 24 hours. Once invoice has been paid, please allow 3-5 business days to receive your new meal plan! 

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