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The Workout Bundle

The Workout Bundle


This e-book includes:


4 full body workouts that can be done with dumbells, with intervals, choice of exercise, rep and set ranges as well as an ab/finisher at the end of each day's workout. Each workout has many choices so you can customize your session to fit your time, energy level and strength each day. 


A visual guide to over 40 exercises that you can incorporate into your workouts showing full range of motion and proper form.


An informative tempo guide that you implement into your training sessions to maximize your results.


How to manifest & maintain motivation. 


An easy printable workout log where you can track all the details of your workouts as well as weight.


Like with anything else, YOU are going to have to put in the work, but this can absolutely get you better navigating your workouts, feeling comfortable in any setting, and if consistent, seeing amazing results given your nutrition is on point! The e-book is for both men and women.

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